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"Take a day off. Sometimes we need a day off especially if it just seems little disappointments keep knocking us to the ground. Many of us are much stronger than we think but there are days we will have where even getting out of bed seems like too much to ask. In our go-go society, we obviously can’t have too many of these days. But if you need it, just take a day off and sleep and eat and be. You’re a human being not a machine." - thought catalog
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Nothing is thankless. Nothing should be thankless. Pour your heart into everything. Earn their gratitude. Earn their thanks.

Answer phones better than anyone else has answered phones before. Relay messages so brilliant, they bring people to tears. Turn the coffee run into the choreography of Swan Lake. Become best friends with every intern and every underling and every taxi driver you encounter.

Be memorable.

Be the best.

Become irreplaceable.

Treat every task as if it is important. Give every task your all.
You should try that job you think is pointless, because nothing is truly pointless. You should know what it feels like to work a meaningless job, and to find the meaning in your work, because everything has meaning. You should weather through a mundane job, because if you are where you need to be to climb the ladder you want to climb, and if you are chasing the dreams you believe in, nothing is mundane and nothing is boring and everything is interesting and everything is endurable. If you do what you believe in, you can withstand any monotony.

If you aren’t fully committed, if you’re not in it for the long haul, if you don’t believe in your cause, you won’t last long anywhere at all.

And you are the kind of person who will make a lasting impact. You are. You always have been. You just need to find it in yourself.

You should know what it feels like to work a job that pays enough to get by, but doesn’t make things too comfortable. Savor those memories of having to fight for what you want, and choosing between necessity and luxury, because chances are good that when faced with choice, you’ll either sacrifice the creature comforts or you’ll sacrifice your ideals. We are the generation that was groomed to expect good jobs and rent-controlled apartments when we graduated college and moved to the big city to follow our dreams, and everything we were promised fell through as empty promises often do.

But just because we fell doesn’t mean we have to stay down.

You should prove them all wrong. You should stand for something, anything, whatever it is that you really believe in. But you should stand for it. And you should refuse to be knocked down. http://tcat.tc/1ddfiGP
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I hate you. For each passing day, i hate you more. i shouldn't have opened a communication between us again. It was the dumbest thing i've ever done in ages.
It didn't do anything good at all! It just murkied our already grayed out relationship.
i hate you bec you hate me too.
I hate you bec you could not care enough, couldn't care a lil bit more.
I hate you bec after all you've done to me, you blame me too. i hate you, i hate you for everything that you are. I am so ashamed to ever marry an AGUARIN. I am so ashamed! If only i can change that! i regret marrying an ass like you.
and i can't wait to discover your other covet doings. I know there are a lot!! I can't wait for you to commit more mistakes so i have more reasons to loathe you even more!
pathetic good for nothing worm!
you should be thankful this stupid numb doll tries so hard to stay by your side! No one, no one will ever persist this long. no one. You little piece of shit!
just go find someone else you can screw! You're soo free to do that! someone as shitty as you! Someone you deserve!
And you thought, you can get me by those lil pieces of shit jewelry and tattoo of my name?? i am not a materialistic person like y'all!! You can shove em all up your ass!!

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an additional favorite to my words of wisdom and motivation... :)

The exact words i needed to hear..
learn to be content. It's not being a mediocre.. it's about appreciating and being grateful with what you just got/found..

It amazes me, yk, the nature of human to want more after acquiring something... something better.. Something grander... or even the grandest.. world of discontent..

now chew on those words..

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1. What would you do with your life if you didn’t have to pay the bills?
I would write. resume writing lots. and be a full time teacher to my kids.

2.What cuts you the deepest?
when i am ignored and unappreciated. and treated unfairly.

3. If you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?
Have a really good time with the kids.

4. Who do you love and why do you love them?
My kids. They are the only reason I am getting up everyday.

5. What do you quote? Philosophers and writers. Wisdom.

6. In those rare but life-changing moments, how do you act?
i think about the all the options I can do to surpass it. I think out the worst thing that can happen and find solution to it right way. be ready to whatever possible that can happen.

7. What do you think about most?
Kids. my life. my feelings, why am i so sad. why is he like that to me. when will be really happy. when will i feel i am really loved and appreciated. or who will make me feel that.
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i am not gonna ask
where you are,
who you're with
or where you're going..

i am not gonna ask
where you've been
what you did or what you're doing..

i'll learn to be numb
not need you there at all times
to get by on my own
smile; though broken and torn apart
i'll stitch back my own pieces
with my own needles and patch

let the days pass by
as if you're no longer an essential part
you're just something hanging in there
remember us, only when you want
and it won't hurt a bit
i'll just shrug

this isn't like what i had in mind
when i prayed and hope you'll be the one
i'd walk with all the time..

this isn't what i want
but this is what you want
our worlds clash
i will always be that someone
you will never ever understand
though you will always be the one
i can never live with or without

i will not hate
but i will not love
i'll stop right here
i the midst of undefined

--- Wrote it while watching Man of Steel..
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Current Location:
Philippines, Central Luzon,Province of Pampanga, Tabun
Current Music:
all that i am
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I feel messed up today :(
Overslept.. Last night, i slept around 9pm then got up at past 11am.. Whew!

Lunch went well..
After lunch, washed the blankets, towel, undies and the heavy skirts..

church at dau, 4:00pm with the kids and mae mae..
kids can be really unmaneagable sometimes..
But they were ok at church.. Just like last thursday..

i tried to have an exchange of the broken iphone charger adaptor. Darn!
Declined. Said the warranty is only 3 days. What the heck!
It stopped working on the 3rd day. D ko lng naidaan agad dun coz we have lots of loads when we got home on monday..

next, tried to exhange the size 6 slippers i bought for angel for her bday.. Angel is size 7. It's One of the gifts i gave to angel. Declined again! Aarrgghhh!
They Weren't used at all.. And ipinapalit lng naman ng size! asaarr! 3 days lng rin daw pwede ibalik.. Tsk tsk.. i am blaming them too.. Y k na, i don't wanna talk about it. Waste of time..

Lesson learned: do not buy there anymore. It's still best to buy sa sm or mall or mas kalidad or kilalang brand. Tsk tsk.. Madali na nga masira, hirap pa magpaexchange...
Mga gurapal..

mcdo after that..
I've been fine.. I got over those stupid rejection easily.. The charger adaptor, there's nothing i can do about it.. Good thing, the cable is working well kaya may nagagamit prin naman.. Problema when traveling, like when i have to go to camiling. I surely needs an adaptor. Not bringing my laptop. Too heavy and don't need it there..
the slippers? I'll give it manang janine or inang tessie.. Bleeh

Then there's this incident in mcdo. Haha
The 2 kids and i went to the washroom so it's only maemae who was left at our table. Our table is close to the door.
a pulubi child went in and snatched dizell's chicken meal from our table! Whoa!! We reported it to the guard, he said madalas daw talaga nanghahablot mga batang pulubi na un..
He tried to get them but the kid's tough and he even sticks out his tongue to the guard.. Tsk tsk.. Imbes na maawa ka sa knila, nakakainis sila sa sama ng ugali haaay
even saw that he has a piercing on his tongue.. And i think he's just around 12 or 13.. Tsk tsk young criminal..

Lesson learned: do not sit near the door.. U'll be the easiest victim of snatchers or of other crimes..

* * *

I composed this one with tears.. Around 12am while i was logged in at work..

I'll forget what you did..
I'll forget what i said..
Forget the tears and heartbreaks..

I'll swallow my pride and soften my heart..
Just to be the first
To greet you happy birthday..

I wanna say i'm sorry, let's begin again.
But i know, you will say "ganyan nlng lagi, paulit ulit"..
I wanted to finally say, all i wanted is you to get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness.
To give me more, to show me more than what i expect..
But i know you will say you're already tired. Exhausted. Giving up on it.
Leaving it all to myself. Instead of helping me mend.

Secretly, here's my wish....
Here's my gift..
A better wife. My better self.

Hope you still care. Hope you will like it..

And the song "thank you for loving me" by marion raven is the perfect song that goes along with it....

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is this some kind of a joke or what?
at exactly 12am, Dec 21, electricity went out.
ma even texted it's brown out there too..

there had been talks about this spreading on the internet.
that at Dec 21-23, there will be a black out, like all over the world.
because of the allignment of planets or universe or something like that.
and some predicts it's the end of the world.
maybe the end of the world prediction was a total crap but the blackout thing is for real? like for 3 days? seriously?

i read about it but i don't take stuffs like that seriously.
like i don't believe on such things at all.

so i sent Cath a txt message too. asked if it's also brown out there..

turned out to be a JOKE indeed.
electricity came back at 12:25am.
i knew it..

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